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Welcome To Our Fit Family

Before I dive into me, I would like to say that I am sincerely grateful to you for letting me be a part of your journey, a part of your process. You are the reason I do this and without you my dream wouldn't be possible.

My Name Is Marcel Coffey

I was born and raised here in the glass city.  Everyone is always talking about wanting to make it out of Toledo.  I say let's stay and make it better!  Let's start a movement here at home!


Growing up, I went to Roy C. Start High School and played basketball - basketball was my life until I found fitness.  Ever since then I've always been infatuated with the human body - how it works, how it gets better.


I feel like I was put on this earth to help others become better - physically, mentally, spiritually - in whatever it is they might be doing. 


When I first started out on my fitness journey I ran boot camps at Ottawa Park, I called it Team New Body.  What started out as small group sessions here and there evolved into packed weekly sessions.  During those sessions I noticed something - people weren't just getting into better shape, they were getting happier and more positive every single week!  We were starting a movement, based in these training sessions in Ottawa Park!


I saw what was happening on a small scale at Ottawa Park and thought, "Man ... This is real … This is positive!  The world needs to know about this!"  Now here I am!  

I'm going to share one of my philosophies with you - I live by this: Every single day when you put your feet on the ground, you either get better or you get worse.  You never stay the same, and it is truly YOUR decision!


I decided I needed to get better. I went to school to hone my craft.  I received my Personal Trainer certificate from The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I've taken it to the next level.


Now - I've got a question for you:


Tomorrow when your feet hit the ground, are you going to get better or worse?  Because you aren't going to stay the same.

This Isn't A Hobby - This A Way Of Life

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